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    Welcome to HONOLULU PHOTO BOOTHS by Joseph Esser. Our photo booths are an open-air style booth so that you can easily fit a group of friends or family into images and not be confined to a small space. Our high quality camera, professional lighting and a range of fun backgrounds and props, ensure you'll end up with high quality 4x6 prints in a range of exciting layouts—customized especially for your event. We'd love to be at your wedding, birthday party, graduation, work, and holiday events!


    Joseph Esser

Hale Koa Hotel Wedding – Honolulu Photo Booths by Joseph Esser

Honolulu Photo Booths was a huge hit at Jason and Liann’s wedding this past weekend at the Hale Koa Hotel. We love seeing how many people we can get into our open air booth. I’m pretty sure Liann and Jason’s wedding set a new record for Honolulu Photo Booths. I count 24 people… how about you? One of my favorite features of our photo booth set up is how we can literally fit into most any ballroom space. Better yet, with all the awesome choices in backdrops, our photo booth will match your reception decor and design. With Liann and Jason’s wedding colors or bright white and lavender, our white flower petal backdrop was a perfect fit. We snapped a couple of videos from our iPhone to capture all the fun and craziness. Its so fun to see all the aunties and uncles having a blast in the photo booth. We got lots of great compliments our set up and complementary prints for everyone in the photo that I am sure we will be seeing a number of these faces again at a future event. Hope you enjoy these highlights from the wedding photo booth!

Check out these vendors who made this fantastic wedding happen: Venue: Hale Koa Hotel Hair and Makeup: Breathe Wedding Coordination: Oahu Event Planner Floral: Always Flowers 808 Photography: Joseph Esser Photography Videography: Image Creations Hawaii Photo Booth: Honolulu Photo Booths DJ: Exquisite Entertainment MC: Nolan Hong

honolulu photo booths hawaii hale koa hotelhonolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-2-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-3-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-4-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-5-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-6-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-7-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-8-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-9-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-10-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-11-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-12-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-13-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-14-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-15-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-16-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-17-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-18-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-19-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-20-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-21-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-22-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-23-of-24honolulu_photo_booths_hale_koa_hotel_wedding_photography-24-of-24

We want to give Liann and Jason for having us as your wedding photo booth company. We had a blast and hope you enjoy these photos for a lifetime.

If you want to know how you can have Honolulu Photo Booths at your next celebration, please click on the “Contact Us” link. We would love to learn more about your party and how we can help to make it a blast!

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Bridal Boot Camp at Halekulani Hotel

We had a great time at “Wedding Business Guru” Chris Evan’s Bridal Boot Camp at Halekulani Hotel this past week. The event was sponsored by the National Association for Catering and Event Hawaii (NACE) and the Oahu Wedding Association (OWA).  In the vein of the Boot Camp theme we created a super fun “Camo” Photo Booth setup fitted with Camouflage netting backdrop and lots of great military props to get everyone fired up about Chris Evan’s presentation. We even got the man himself into the photo booth. Over an amazing Halekulani feast, everyone was engaged by Evan’s fun and thought provoking presentation. I know that Honolulu Photo Booths will be implementing many of his suggestions for our photo booth business. Check out these fun photo from the event.

How many of your favorite wedding industry vendors can you identify in these photos?

Mahalo to the following vendors: Venue: Halekulani OWA: Oahu Wedding Association NACE: NACE Hawaii Decor: REA Events and Designs Floral: Easley Designs Event Photography: Keoni Michael Presentation: Chris Evans


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Molii Gardens Kualoa Ranch Wedding – Honolulu Photo Booths

Holy moly!… this is probably one of our favorite photo booth sessions from this Summer at the Molii Gardens Kualoa Ranch Wedding by Honolulu Photo Booths. Martha and Cory celebrated their destination wedding at the upper terrace at Molii Gardens. Even a little rain couldn’t slow down this party. This was the first time that one of our clients brought their own props and we loved them all. Actually, they brought a suitcase full of awesome props: neon boas, crazy jumbo glasses, and blowup guitars. So much fun! We even got the polynesian dance crew to jump in the photo booth for a few fun pics. Are you planning a Molii Gardens Kualoa Ranch Wedding and would like to know how Honolulu Photo Booths can make your event fantastic? Contact us today and we can give you all the details!

Mahalo to these excellent wedding vendors: Venue: Kualoa Ranch Coordination: A Rainbow in Paradise Floral: Spinning WEB Hair and Makeup: Beauty by May Videography: Image Creations Hawaii Photography: Joseph Esser  Polynesian Dancers: Tihati


Did you know that Honolulu Photo Booths by Joseph Esser will give a print to each and every one of your guest in the photo? Pretty awesome right! We’ve all been to events where the photo booth company only gives a single print per image, leaving everyone else in the photo wanting or having to take cell phone pics of the image. Not Honolulu Photo Booths! We make sure that everyone is taken care of and that everyone leaves your event with their own copy of the images. This is a standard feature of all of your packages. We’d love to be at your next event, whether it be a birthday, graduation, or wedding! Contact at any time using the links above and below. Can wait until then!

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Mahakea Estate Wedding Laie – Honolulu Photo Booths

Honolulu Photo Booths had the great pleasure to share in on the fun at Kim and Phil’s Mahakea Estate wedding in Laie, Hawaii. If you haven’t been or heard of Mahakea Estate in Laie, it’s amazing. The island of Oahu can sometimes be a tricky place to find private beach estates to host weddings and reception and this is one of the rare gems on the East Side of Oahu. For Kim and Phil, their dream wedding was to be on the beach with a small gathering of family and friends to help celebrate. With the dinner reception space set up on the ocean front lawn at the Mahakea Estate, we decided to set up the photo booth on the covered lanai of the house and the lanai stayed packed throughout the entire reception. This portability and flexibility of our photo booth is always one of my favorite features. We literally can set up our photo booth unit in most any space and the photos always look amazing. The event is even better when you have a great wedding party to keep things lively! We hope you enjoy these funtastic pics from Honolulu Photo Booths from Mahakea Estate wedding Laie!

Praise and Kudos to these wedding vendors: Venue: Mahakea Estate in Laie Coordination: Laakea Ocean Wedding Hair and Makeup: Face Art Beauty Photography: Joseph Esser Photography DJ: Spectrum Entertainment Catering: Kenekes
Mahakea Estate wedding in Laie - Honolulu Photo Booths by Joseph Essermahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-2-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-3-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-4-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-5-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-7-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-8-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-9-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-10-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-11-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-12-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-13-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-14-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-15-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-16-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-17-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-18-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-19-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-20-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-21-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-22-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-23-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-24-of-25mahakea_estate_honolulu_photo_booths__wedding_photography_hawaii-25-of-25

Did you know that Honolulu Photo Booths does not charge a travel fee for all weddings taking place on Oahu, Hawaii? From Waianae to Haleiwa, Laie to Kailua, Pearl City to Waikiki, our services are all the same price! Pretty amazing right? We want to be your photo booth company for any type of event on Oahu, Hawaii. To learn more on how you can have Honolulu Photo Booths at your Mahakea Estate wedding Laie and beyond, please contact us via the links above and below.

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